About Me

        Soo, something about me. Well, there's allot. There are things I know, things I don't know, things I am unsure of, and things I am experiencing. I enjoy the gift of life and want to share with others the passion that comes with living. Stepping out on faith exhibiting LCAP, a place to ask questions, support one another, listen, express emotions, keep it real and more.        

        Sharing my person, honesty, rawness, craziness, eventfulness, and off the wall thoughts-feelings-emotions...with absolute strangers, and all that other stuff motivates me. I love to have fun, laugh, cry, be creative, experience new things, and go buck wild. Life is precious and teaches me lesson(s) every day. From running in circles to bouncing off the walls, and going crisscrossed. Creating "Life Challenges Are Poetic" BlogSpot allows me to share with others and to let everyone know they are not alone and someone in the world shares similarities of their life.  

       Here at LCAP, we are that online cup of Java. A place for a mindful break; Where individuals can share real-time life environments, establish communities, get to know one another, explore new adventures and most of all remember You Matter!!! We are all human, and there is soo much to life and to live. Take an “R and R” Talk-Time moment with LCAP and journey more than Horizons!     


                                                One Love, Shalom!